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I wanted to get a quick video up so that I could share this new song.  When I get around to making a nicer recording I’ll post it here as well.  Forgive the video quality this was just an experiment with a web cam.

Background on this song: We had a youth event at our church we call “XLT” that happens about once a month.  The flow is usually music, then a talk by a guest speaker, followed by adoration with more music throughout.  Recently a youth minister, preached about Light.  He quoted several scripture verses and had candles lit around the room.  Then candles began to be blown out until the room was entirely dark.  He lit one candle and explained that “we are light”.  He talked about our responsibility to be light to others in the dark.

That was basically the inspiration behind it.  I went running a few days later and I kept hearing him say that, “we are light”.  I went to my white board when I returned home and this text just flew right out!  It didn’t take much time at the piano and with the guitar to get the chord progressions and melody all laid out.

I hope it can be used at a retreat or maybe as an opening or closing song at your mass or church service.