Pedal Demo: Boss RV 5 Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

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I recently acquired this used Boss RV5 reverb effects pedal and was excited about trying it out.  Here’s a short demo I recorded for friends with an iPhone.

What I like about the RV5 is using it to layer delays for that swirly synth pad type sound.  I have digital spring reverb built in to my Bugera V5 that I play through, but I was looking for something that’s easy to turn on and off when you want it and that would add that EHX Holy Grail type cathedral effect.  The RV5 did not disappoint.  My favorite setting is the Modulate function which sounds like the frequency is being changed as it decays.  The Hall setting is pure & pretty, but as you can hear, modulate does something very beautiful especially when layered in combination with a tap & analog delay.

Do you use reverb in your pedalboard?  What do you like to use it for?  Do you have a favorite?