Pedal Shootout: Boss SD-1 Vs Modtone Dyno Drive

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I’ve been slowly upgrading and improving my electric guitar gear and happened to pickup the Modtone Dyno Drive on sale last week. I hadn’t ever been in love with the Boss SD-1 although I’ve used it as a booster. It was better with the Tele, but didn’t have much color when played with a Les Paul. I found a Modtone Speedbox at a pawn shop and was impressed with Modtone’s construction. They are well built and have true bypass. This is a short video of the Dyno Drive vs the SD-1 and shows how they sound along with some of the other pedals I use in my setup at Holy Trinity where I play Sunday evenings. I’m playing a Fender Modern Player Telecaster through a Bugera V5 amp. I also have a Boss BD-2 in front and then MXR’s ’78 Custom Distortion pedal into a Boss ME-25 and finally a Joyo Analog Delay at the end of the chain.

Which do you like better?