Pedal Demo: Boss RV 5 Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

General, Tech I recently acquired this used Boss RV5 reverb effects pedal and was excited about trying it out.  Here's a short demo I recorded for friends with an iPhone. What I like about the RV5 is using it to layer delays for that swirly synth pad type sound.  I have digital spring reverb built in to my Bugera V5 that I play through, but I was looking for something that's easy to turn on and off when you want it and that would add that EHX Holy Grail type cathedral effect.  The RV5 did not disappoint.  My favorite setting is the Modulate function which sounds like the frequency is being changed as it decays.  The Hall setting is pure & pretty, but as you can hear, modulate does something very…
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Guitar Amp Review – Fender Frontman 212r

I have a love-hate relationship with the Fender Frontman 212r.  I used to have a small Marshall practice amp that I ran my Boss ME-25 pedal through and mic'd it into the PA.  The church I play electric guitar in seats about 1400, so it's important to have an amp with good tone that can run through the PA rather than just leaving it out of the mix.  When the Marshall went out on me, I decided that I wanted something that could be an "all things" amp.  When I've played at retreats in the past without a mic, the 25w Marshall couldn't keep up, so my thought was that if I got this 100w powerhouse, that I wouldn't need anything else. This was a good idea, but at the…
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