Music Liturgy Changes During Lent

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I had a question on my review of Matt Maher’s Mass of Communion for a Lenten version of his Alleuluia.  In the video I offer a suggestion substituting “Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ, King of endless glory.”  If you’re using this particular mass setting, it’s okay if you’d like to mix in another gospel acclamation.  Ed Bolduc’s Mass of St. Ann has a Lenten Gospel Acclamation available.

In my Mass of Praise, I arranged a Kyrie as well as a Lenten Gospel Acclamation.  It’s common during this season to sing the Kyrie (Lord Have Mercy) in place of a Glory.  We refrain from singing “alleluia” until Easter.  It’s a great idea to change the instrumentation of your group during Lent.  Try more of an acoustic set up with instruments like cello instead of bass guitar or perhaps percussion instruments such as the cajon, djembe, or congas rather than a drum kit.

What are you doing differently with your ensemble for Lent?